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NWAC Board – Valid and Acceptable in India

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Nowadays, American System of School Education like NWAC and AdvancED is the topic of discussion among lots of Students, Teachers and school administrators. NWAC and AdvancED is the part of American system of School education and therefore a large number of students are fascinated towards them. The American School Education system is based on two principles: Accreditation and Program.

Accreditation is a process under which institutions, schools, colleges and universities are evaluated. This program ensures that educational institutions should meet all accreditation standards. Accreditation is the same program, which is in India and some other Asian countries called “Affiliation”. As a matter of fact, there are only given accreditation agencies in US who are recognized by the US governments, either Federal or State. The most noticeable among these are the six US Regional Accrediting agencies. In India, CBSE at the Central Government level and State Boards at the State level are valid for school affiliation. The students who are passed out from any of the school which is affiliated by CBSE and State Board considered valid, legal and acceptable for further education. There are six US Regional Accrediting Agencies and Northwest Accreditation Commission or NWAC Board is one of them. Schools in US are only considered as valid, legal and acceptable if they are accredited by any of these six US Regional Accrediting Agencies.

The second principle is hinged on the Program that you are running in your school. The American High School Diploma Program is the most commonly found program and a program of choice for schools and students alike.

To understand this concept well, let us relate this with the Indian school education system. The rule of acceptable qualification in India is that, it is only valid, legal and acceptable in all other countries if a qualification is valid, legal and acceptable in the country of its origin. So to extrapolate the concept, if one is asking whether NWAC is acceptable school qualification in India, it is like asking if CBSE is a valid school qualification in USA. Thousand of CBSE School students seek and get admission is US universities every year. So there is no base in questioning the validity of NWAC or any of the six Regional Accrediting Agencies, whether in India or elsewhere.

The conclusion of the above information is that, The NWAC Board is absolutely Valid and acceptable in India and a student can go for it without any fear.


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