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Welcome to School for E-Education Research & Innovation (SERI). SERI has always walked a step ahead in the area of educational delivery. We have enhanced the learning experience further by bringing NWAC (Northwest Accreditation Commission), one of the global leaders in educational accreditation, to India. Educational system in our country is going to the next level with the Government introducing lot of new plans. School for e-Education Research and Innovation (SERI) is a fast growing organization.

To enhance the education sector, SERI has tied up with the NWAC (North West Accreditation Commission), one of the global accrediting schools since 1917. SERI’s aim is to support and establish NWAC as a leading choice among schools, parents and students. NWAC is approved and recognized by Government of India, AIU (Association of Indian Universities) and MHRD (Ministry of Human Resources Department). NWAC is a regular board. Now NWAC offers IX, X, XI and XII.   NWAC has already got approval from many universities like Goa University, Nagaland University, Bangalore University, Guru Nanak University, Banaras University, Mahatma Gandhi University (Kerala), Osmania University (Hyderabad). Students who have passed through NWAC are eligible to take admission in these universities and also they can apply for jobs in State and Central Governments. In future, NWAC plans to increase its reach across the country.


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